W Neckband Flexible Fan

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Being active in VR can become a sweaty endeavor very quick. In an effort to get more play space, a lot of us will clear out the garage but during summer time you may end up resorting to having 3 or 4 fans pointed at you from each direction (at least that is what I did).

I recently bought this fan when I saw it at a local boutique store and was able to try it on. I originally saw it online on Amazon but all the marketing was geared towards casual use and I was worried that the quality would be cheap and that the thing would swing around my neck every-time I turned quickly while playing in VR.

I am happy to say that this is not the case with this product from the Spice of Life. It weighs in at under a pound but is heavy enough that it does not swing around on your neck. The fans are attached to the main piece with sturdy bendy & twisty rubber which makes adjusting it to the perfect position a breeze.

It comes with three modes with low being sufficient to cool off after a game and medium being great while playing. Kick this thing up to high and you will be running cool as you hunt down robots in Hyper Dash! With the high output, it is not whisper quiet but with game audio being pumped next to my ears, I soon forgot about it.

Last but not least, I was worried that having the fans pointed up towards my face and the microphone on my VR headset would cause bad feedback while in game. Fortunately, everyone I have asked has said that they couldn’t hear anything!

  • Unlike portable hand-held fans, the W Fan sits comfortably around your neck, is adjustable any time, and keeps your hands free!
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY – 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the battery will work for approximately 2.5 to 7 hours. (The life span of the battery is about 500 charges. Battery life decreases with time and cannot be replaced.) Recharging the battery is as easy as plugging in a USB-C cable.
  • It’s also specifically designed with 5 blades in each fan head to produce maximum air flow with minimal noise.

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