logovrc Disposable Hygiene Covers

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The Disposable Hygiene Covers work only with our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement. The foams are included in our Standard and Winter Edition.

One of the most practical VR accessories to have, especially for occasions when the headset has to be shared, our super-absorbent Disposable Hygiene Covers offer a layer of protection to the facial interface by capturing sweat and oil while you play.

As the product is designed to be used with our PU leather foam replacements, the cover can be applied only after the VR Cover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement is installed. 

The cover goes directly onto the foam. Thanks to an adhesive backing, it adheres securely to the surface of the foam and can be easily removed when needed. This feature makes swapping out covers between users quick and convenient.

The Disposable Hygiene Covers are sold in:

1 X Pack containing either 50 or 100 Covers

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