logovrc VR Cover | Controller Grips

The first Oculus Quest 2 Controller Grips truly made for Oculus Quest 2.

Our Controller Grips allow a more enjoyable gaming experience by freeing up your hands for other movements while keeping the controllers safely attached to you.

Designed specifically for Oculus Quest 2 so they have a perfect fit, they install easily on the controllers. They come in a non-slip material with a textured surface for better grip control. There are elastic knuckle straps which can be adjusted to suit different hand sizes.

Strapping the controllers to your hands enables you to let go of them during a game without worrying about dropping them.

What’s more, the grips help your devices stay in the best condition by protecting the handles from sweat, grease and scratches.

The set includes:
A pair of Controller Grips 

Works with